Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lose Your Soda Habit!

As I was reading Yahoo I found this interesting article about 4 easy ways to cut soda (yes even diet soda) out of your life all together! We all know that soda isn't good for us so why do we keep drinking it? Water can get dull after a period of time to some people so Yahoo along with Hungry-Girl came up with these 4 alternatives!

Stevia-Sweetened Soda!

In case you don't know, stevia is an up-and-coming, all-natural, calorie-free sweetener (currently sold in packets for drink-sweetening). Well, not too long ago, Coca-Cola filed dozens of patent applications for their very own form of stevia to use in some of their sodas. But you don't have to wait 'til that stuff arrives, 'cuz Zevia's already on the market! In Cola, Orange, and Twist (lemon-lime flavored), this 5-calorie-or-less-a-serving stuff is the ultimate solution for the soda-obsessed who want to nix artificial sweeteners without turning to regular high-calorie sugary soda. FYI, the Orange is the best and the Twist is good, too. But we're counting on Coke to come out with the perfect cola...

Metromint Water!

Tired of those silly calorie-packed waters (Vitamin Water, SoBe Life Water, Snapple Anitoxidant Water!)? Seeking flavored water with no artificial stuff? Check out Metromint's line of 0-calorie H20s. This stuff is made of just purified water, mint, and natural essences. Besides the standard Peppermint and Spearmint, there's also Lemonmint, Orangemint, Cherrymint, and (our latest fave) Chocolatemint! They're all subtly flavored and super-refreshing. We can't wait to see what the folks at Metromint come up with next ... Watermelonmint, Vanillamint, Rootbeermint?!

Zenergize Vitamin Infused Drink Tabs!

One of these all-natural, 2-calorie tablets will turn your glass of water into a fizzy flavorfest! They come in a gazillion flavors, from Orange + Pomegranate to Tropical Punch. And it's pretty fun to watch the little disc dissolve in your glass (really -- try it!). The bubbly consistency makes these a fantastic soda swap. They're also PACKED with vitamins and other energizing stuff!

POM Light Tea!
Typically, all-natural iced tea is either crammed with calories from sugar or it's unsweetened and super-bland. Well, neither is the case with this awesome line from Pom Wonderful. With pomegranate extract and just enough sugar, you get a fruity-licious tea drink for only 35 calories per 8-oz. serving. It comes in Light Wildberry White Tea, Light Orange Blossom Red Tea, and Light Hibiscus Green Tea. Sayonara, soda. Wonderful, POM!

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Kimi said...

Thanks for posting this. I want to find those drink tabs. We installed a faucet filter and purchased reusable water sprot bottles because, even though we recycle, I felt bad purchasing all those bottles of water. The tabs will be perfect! I need to find them!