Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sexuality promoting vegetarianism

Why is it OK to treat women as pieces of meat while they promote a vegetarian lifestyle (or at anytime for that matter)?

This article from the New York Times discusses how a vegan strip club in Oregon — Casa Diablo — is using sex to try to convert meat eaters to vegetarians as well as a Los Angeles dance group — the Vegan Vixens — that performs at events and trade shows.

The most disturbing line is:
"Vegans who use sexuality to promote the cause say it is a good way to convert carnivores."

I personally do not think this is right in any way. While yes I do enjoy creative ways to help people learn about a vegetarianism lifestyle this is going too far!
What do you think?


Sarah said...

I just saw that Maxim (I think) has the 10 sexiest vegetarians in their next issue. Whatever. I am not sure what that is supposed to accomplish.

Just found your blog and have tagged a few recipes already I want to try!

Kimi said...

WTF? I don't get it. What does one thing have to do with another? Ok, so I will be a veg so I can be like them, NOT! I am because I make my own educated decisions! Yikes! Thanks for posting this!

Jj said...

I agree with you, this kind of thing isn't right for promoting a life style. If it's that good, it shoulds stand on its own w/o having to use this kind of "shock value", or whatever it is they're trying to do. Frankly, they're giving vegans/vegitarians a bad name, IMHO.

Stefanie said...

I agree as well. All the PETA ads just get celebrities to pose naked in order to spread their cause. While it may work, I don't think it's the right way to go about it. This formula could work for any brand. Just throw in a naked celebrity, and people will def be talking about it.